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Is Uncovering Dental Implants Painful?

Human beings do not like pain. Therefore, people thinking of getting dental implants often ask, does dental implant surgery hurt? However, that is not the case; the process remains pain-free and smooth due to anesthetics. 

The implant procedure is invasive compared to other dental procedures because it involves the insertion of implants in gums to replace natural teeth. Therefore, you should keep in touch with your dentist at every stage of the process to be on the safer side. 

This article also throws some light on uncovering implant procedures. Keep reading!

Uncovering Dental Implants Painful

Post the implants procedure  

Many people have this misconception that implants hurt badly, which is a half-truth. Dental implants hurt because oral surgery is longer and more invasive than other surgeries, but the pain is bearable and does not last more than a week or two.  

Of course, it will take time to get used to the new changes and for your jaw to adjust to the new teeth. Also, medications are available to counter the pain post-surgery if you cannot bear it. 

What causes discomfort after surgery 

  • Pain due to bruising 

It is natural and so you can expect moderate bruising. Bruising lasts a maximum of 4 days and slowly subsides as soon as your implants begin to adjust and heal. Dentists advise not to touch the implant area for 48 hours at all. 

  • Pain due to swelling

Swelling does not last longer than a week and can subside faster by applying ice packing. 

  • Pain accompanied by bleeding

Bleeding is a sign that suggests recovery of your implants and adjusting to your jaw. The implant procedure involves opening the gums and inserting the tooth; therefore, somewhat bleeding in the first week is quite natural. If the pain level rises due to bleeding, you can control it by biting at gauze. 

But if the bleeding continues for more than a week, contact your dentist immediately because it could be a sign of an infection. 

Does it hurt during the surgery? 

The process varies for every individual according to their requirements and situation. For instance, the standard procedure excludes tooth extraction and bone grafting; therefore, it takes at least three months. And if the patient requires extraction and bone grafting, the process can extend up to six months. 

The pain differs in intensity at various stages of the process. 

Stages of implants surgery 

  • Tooth Extraction 

Post the evaluation; the tooth is extracted if there is a need. As it is an invasive procedure, it can bring you some pain. Dentists use anesthesia to numb your tooth and gums to minimize your pain. 

  • Bone Graft 

Pain is natural as the process involves opening the gums and placing the graft. Getting implants is impossible if your bone structure is not healthy. Therefore, dentists assess the situation of your bone through x-rays

The tooth implant pain does not last longer than 3 days and subsides gradually. 

  • Gum Opening 

Opening the gums and placing the metal implants is the first step in a regular implant procedure. Opening of gums can cause a little pain. However, dentists use local anesthesia to ensure you do not feel the pain. 

The insertion of the implants is locked with an abutment. The first week after the surgery remains crucial for the patients as the gums are sensitive during this period. Your dentist can help you manage pain at home. 

If there is an exposed dental implant, the implant crown eventually replaces this silver abutment portion. 

Is uncovering implants painful? 

It is a standard practice to leave the implant after its placement until it heals properly and merges with the jaw. There are two ways to cover implants: first, by using the sutures, and second, with a metal cap. 

Uncovering Dental Implants Painful


The covered implant’s healing is necessary to uncover the implant and place the crown safely. The dentist relieves your pain by giving local anesthesia that numbs the gums while uncovering. Once the uncovering is done, the dentist places the crown and completes the implants. 

Once the implant is covered and left to heal, you must avoid chewing from that side or hard foods. Taking extra caution prevents any complications leading to implant failure.  

Bottom line

Today, having multiple medications and local anesthesia for pain relief, you can get dental implants with little pain. 

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