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Comparing Dental Implants and Dentures in Palm Bay

Have you recently lost your teeth? The loss of a teeth may not seem so serious to some, but those who have a better understanding of what is truly at stake, knows that in order for them to enjoy the function and appearance of their smile, they need to replace whatever’s been lost with whatever Read More

Valuable Preventive Dental Care Procedures

Healthcare is a very important responsibility you should not ignore. Everyone, young and old, is given this responsibility; and it is one that you should not belittle. In dental health, the maintenance of the beauty and function of your teeth is best guaranteed when one truly makes an effort to see the dentist. You see Read More

Preparing for the Dental Service You Are Receiving

The dentist offers all kinds of dental services that should address the specific needs of patients. Dental services are categorized into different discipline and each of these procedures is either aimed at the prevention, correction and treatment of a disease condition. When a patient comes to his dentist seeking for a solution for his problem, the dentist Read More

Dealing with Teeth Sensitivity after Teeth Whitening

Teeth Whitening is dental procedure that may be administered by the dentist in his office or by the patient at his own home. It is a bleaching procedure that brings teeth shade to something lighter and brighter, so a patient may enjoy a more attractive smile. Whichever method a patient opts to take, the process that Read More

FAQs about Dental Crown Procedures

A dental crown is a prosthetic option that may be indicated for a lot of cases. A dentist prescribes a dental crown to a patient to resolve an aesthetic issue, such as stains, discolorations, fractures, chips, breaks or malformations; or it may be prescribed to restore and reinforce a potentially weakened tooth. When linked together, dental crowns Read More

How to Tell if Your Dentures Need Replacing

Dentures are prosthetic appliances that are made especially for a patient, in order to replace the teeth that he has lost, with hopes to restore the aesthetics and function of the mouth. You need teeth to be able to smile. You need teeth to be able provide your body with nourishment. You need your teeth to Read More

The Magnificence of Denture Implants

Dentures have long been the go to choice for endentulism. To be able to restore and replace tooth or teeth that should maintain function and appearance, a patient will need to order a prosthesis from his dentist. Removable dentures can replace a missing tooth or teeth whether the loss is unilateral or bilateral, or located in Read More

Design Principles in the Fabrication of Tooth Bridges

Tooth bridges or dental bridges are prosthetic appliances that are fabricated for the patient’s mouth to replace a tooth or a few teeth that have been lost. As the name implies, the construction of the prosthesis is likened to a common bridge when a particular gap or space is to be filled. Utilizing the stable natural Read More

Making a Decision to Get Dental Implants

Inasmuch as one would want to hold on to the health of every tooth in the mouth, it is not possible to do that. A person can lose his tooth or teeth for a number of reasons, and when he does, a replacement is in order. The teeth hold very important functions in the mouth Read More

What You Need to Know When You Are Getting a Root Canal

When the tooth decay goes from bad to worse, a normal filling is no longer good enough to resolve the issue. A bacterial infection can spread deeper into the tooth to affect the pulp tissue, so that putting a dental filling will only make matters worst. To relieve the patient of the pain and discomfort either the Read More

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