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Root Canal Treatment

root canal treatment

Root canal treatment is done to repair and save a badly damaged or infected tooth instead of removing or extracting it. With the removal of the tooth’s nerves and pulp, the damaged tooth can no longer cause bothersome tooth pain and headaches.

Awesome dentist. Amazing staff. Very calm friendly atmosphere. Made getting a root canal feel like a joy ride! – Nhla Salem

Save your teeth, restore your smiles

Most people usually have little to no pain at all with a root canal treatment. In fact, it’s probably more painful having a decayed tooth and leaving it untreated by a dentist.


Root Canal Treatment by a Trusted Palm Bay Dentist

Trusted Palm Bay dentist Dr. Quadri is always available to cater to your dental needs. If in pain, call us and we’ll help you get back on track to great oral health – and bring back the joy in your smiles! With a root canal treatment from a professional, you’ll surely be confident that your teeth will look and feel their best.

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