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Tooth Extraction

tooth extraction

Get Rid of Tooth Pain the Painless Way

A tooth extraction is removing the problem tooth from its socket. A local anesthetic is initially applied to make the procedure more comfortable.

I have been a patient of Dr Quadri’s for over 6 years now, and have had two dental implants placed, I was very nervous, but Dr Quadri was very gentle, and made me feel at ease. I would definitely recommend Dr Quadri to my family, and friends – Stacy Harrison

An extraction is done for a number of reasons and this includes having excessive tooth decay that makes the tooth non-restorable. Extractions of impacted or problematic wisdom teeth are also routinely performed at Dr. Quadri’s Palm Bay General Dentistry.  Tooth extraction of some permanent teeth can also make space for orthodontic treatment.


Painless Tooth Extraction by Palm Bay Dentist, Dr. Quadri

We offer same day Wisdom Tooth Extractions in Dr. Quadri’s General Dentistry in Palm Bay. We know how it is to have a bothersome problematic wisdom tooth. We will make time for you.

If you need a painless tooth extraction by a trusted dentist in Palm Bay, call us today at 321-312-3040.

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