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Denture Implants

denture implants

For More Secure and Stable Teeth

Generally there are two types of implant systems suitable for denture wearers and these are Mini Implants and Conventional Implants.

In some cases the structures of the mouth may prevent use of Denture Implants and treatments are largely decided by the type and quality of bone in which the implants are to be placed.

In most cases Conventional Implants tend to offer a more secure fixture for the denture; however if the quality of bone is deemed not suitable, then a Mini Implant could offer an ideal alternative and fantastic retention for unstable dentures.

Palm Bay Denture Implants

Palm Bay dentist Dr. Quadri’s denture implants treatment are proven to give affordable solutions to the issues of denture retention allowing for your increased comfort and confidence when eating, smiling or talking.

We have demonstration models available for you to look at and see for yourself just how stable dentures can be made. Call us today at 321-312-3040.

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