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Hydrogen Peroxide for Tooth Infection

During your dental examination, the dentist examines your tooth infection carefully, surrounding gums, and other dental structures. The dentist may also administer x-rays and other diagnostic tests to analyze underlying bone structures and dental anatomy. And accordingly, the dentist may begin treatment for your tooth infection. 

When the infection is contained in the enamel that leads to dental cavities, the dentist will remove the infected parts of the tooth and provide a tooth-colored filling. The dentist may recommend root canal treatment if the infection has reached the tooth’s pulp chamber. 

Leading us to our main question, how does hydrogen peroxide help prevent tooth infection then? Know here in this article. 

Hydrogen Peroxide and Tooth Infection 

Hydrogen peroxide is an antiseptic that is often used to disinfect surfaces or clean minor cuts. Hydrogen peroxide is versatile. Therefore, it will be primarily found in many medicine cabinets and first aid kits. 

Similarly, it can also be used as a disinfectant in your mouth. If you are struggling with a bacterial infection in your mouth or gums, in that case: 

  • You can make a 3% mixture of hydrogen peroxide and water in equal parts. 
  • Swish the mixture in your mouth for a minute 
  • Then spit it out. Be sure you do not swallow it. 
  • You can use the hydrogen peroxide rinse a few times a day. 

It is readily available at nearby drug stores. However, no doubt hydrogen peroxide can be a great solution to reduce the bacteria and toxins in your mouth; make sure that you never put a food-grade or 35% hydrogen peroxide in your mouth. 

For instance, a stabilized 3% solution of CVS hydrogen peroxide helps reduce the risk of tooth infection and promotes better oral health. Similarly, hydrogen peroxide spray is also available for the same purpose. 

Hydrogen Peroxide for tooth infection

Benefits of Hydrogen Peroxide

The benefits of gargling hydrogen peroxide include the following: 

  • Whitening teeth 
  • Easing a sore throat
  • Treating gum disease
  • Diminishing minor mouth sores 

It shall be used in moderation to avoid irritation; if irritation develops after gargling and does not go away within a few hours, stop using hydrogen peroxide. 

Bottom line 

Gargling with hydrogen peroxide may help prevent the risk of tooth infection and whitening teeth; however, it is essential to use a concentration not stronger than 3 percent. 

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