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Dealing with Teeth Sensitivity after Teeth Whitening


Teeth Whitening is dental procedure that may be administered by the dentist in his office or by the patient at his own home. It is a bleaching procedure that brings teeth shade to something lighter and brighter, so a patient may enjoy a more attractive smile. Whichever method a patient opts to take, the process that carries out the effect is the same.

The teeth whitening procedure relies on the whitening agent. At first the pores of the teeth open, and the whitening agent penetrates into the tissues working its way into the teeth so that teeth shade and color may be made lighter, brighter and definitely attractive.

The pores of the teeth open to allow the whitening agent to penetrate into the tissues. Unfortunately, this also makes the tooth more sensitive. The pores are open so the teeth are more open, thus explaining the pain and discomfort related to teeth whitening procedures. This often discourages patients from going for the procedure but know that there are some effective ways to deal with the experience:

– Take analgesics: The most basic solution for teeth sensitivity is to take a pain killer. Pain killers come in varying strengths and any teeth sensitivity you are experiencing may be resolved by dosing with an appropriate pain killer. Ask your dentist about a good pain killer to take, but mostly the best pain killer is one that you are used to and is effective,  based from your own experience.

– Apply tooth mousse: Tooth mousse is another important topical solution that may be applied to the teeth to help deal with teeth whitening. The mousse is colored white, so it is safe for application and it is flavored, making its use slightly more favorable for the patient.

Teeth Whitening

– Apply vitamin e oil. Some teeth whitening kits come with vitamin e oil swabs so that the patient’s teeth and lips may be protected. During the isolation procedure, the lips are applied with vitamin e oil and when some areas of the teeth and gums become sensitive during the procedure, the dentist may use the swabs to alleviate the patient of pain and discomfort.

When the patient leaves after the procedure, he is often gives some swabs, either way he can use any oral solution available to deal with teeth sensitivity. Vitamin e oil helps to heal tissues and in the case of teeth sensitivity, the application of vitamin e helps to soothe any sensitivity felt.

– Avoid cold food and drinks: Cold food and drinks will make things worse because with the pores opened, you can expect for the teeth to be more sensitive. Cold food and drinks will cause increased sensitivity. The extremely low temperature will penetrate into the tissues and will bring the patient much pain and discomfort.

– Use toothpaste for sensitive teeth: There are different types of toothpastes that are available in the market and they are different based on the components they have. Some toothpastes are meant for sensitive teeth. These toothpastes have components that clog the pores that have been opened, so that a patient will no longer suffer from tooth sensitivity.

Most teeth whitening procedures come with teeth sensitivity. The success of the procedure relies on the pores activating, but understand a few things: any sensitivity felt is temporary, and the degree of discomfort felt will be dependent on the brand of whitening agent, so be wise when making your choice.

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