Tina GoddardTina Goddard
08:46 20 Sep 22
Dr Quadri is so compassionate and has so much patience. He takes time to explain procedures and make the patient feel comfortable.He wants only a good outcome for his patients. His staff is wonderful. They are welcoming and helpful during visits. My experience was great!
Ruth WaymireRuth Waymire
17:46 12 Sep 22
I wish i could give 100 stars!!! Dr. Quadri is absolutely 💯 the best. He took his precious time with me and made sure I was comfortable. He is a perfectionist and I love that about him. He also got me in for 2 root canals at the last minute, and i was from out of town. Can't get better than that!!! Recommend him, and his staff, totally and wholeheartedly! Thank you soooo much for everything!!!🥰❤
Bridget CastroBridget Castro
23:00 19 Aug 22
Dr. Quadri is an amazing dentist and I love the staff they're all so great and sweet! I've had great experiences everytime. I appreciate how caring and gentle he is during procedures. Everytime I go there I am always well taken care of. I'm happy to have found the right place.
Allison ClementAllison Clement
20:16 17 Aug 22
I've been a patient with Dr. Quadri for many years. I wish I had found him sooner. He's very good at extractions and I think I would've had a better experience with my wisdom teeth removal here. I've switched my whole family to this office and many of my friends.
Diana BayonneDiana Bayonne
20:13 17 Aug 22
Both the hygienist were amazing! Very gentle and warm with you. Doctor. Quadri is very informative and straight forward with his treatment, work is amazing. Doctor. Quadri is now my main Dentist!
Lil BritLil Brit
00:52 19 Apr 22
I went in for an emergency tooth extraction today and they were able to get me in fairly quickly. I couldn’t get to anybody for two days and I was in excruciating pain. Until I found this dentist. I’m terrified of needles and everybody who worked on me made sure to make me feel secure and safe. The dentist literally has a magic touch because I did not feel a needle at all. The extraction hurt mildly and it was so fast. They were decently priced. I think I will be coming to this dentist regularly. Thank you guys!

Exploring Pros and Cons of Removable Partial Dentures.

The absence of teeth, even a few, can significantly impact your life. From chewing difficulties and speech impediments to self-consciousness and lowered confidence, missing teeth can take a toll on your overall well-being. Fortunately, technology and innovation have gifted us with a valuable solution: partial dentures. These clever dental prosthetics are not your grandparents’ dentures. These versatile prosthetics act as bridges, and fill gaps from missing teeth, providing a comfortable, aesthetically pleasing, and affordable solution to restore your smile. Spare yourself the research on the pros and cons of removable partial dentures, this blog will aid you in choosing the optimal custom solution for your needs and preferences. 

What is a Partial Denture?

Partial dentures are either fixed or removable dental appliances designed to replace a few missing teeth in one or both jaws while seamlessly blending and preserving your naturally healthy teeth. Unlike complete dentures that replace an entire arch, partial dentures focus on filling gaps within the mouth. These rely on your gum and underlying bones to support them, they are also more stable by means of special clasps that attach around the remaining natural teeth. They are custom-crafted to fit comfortably in the mouth, are lightweight, and easy to remove, so you can keep good oral hygiene as well as be able to enjoy both function and appearance benefits.

Types of Partial Dentures: 

Primarily, two types of partial dentures are available: fixed and removable, they are selected likewise to meet individual needs and requirements:

Fixed partial dentures:

commonly referred to as dental bridges, they are permanently affixed to adjacent natural teeth or dental implants. They’re usually made from materials like porcelain, ceramic, or a combination, which gives them a natural appearance. Fixed dentures offer stability and are known for their durability, replicating the feel and function of natural teeth. 


  • Aesthetic appeal: The overall appearance of the smile is enhanced by its natural appearance.
  • Longevity: Fixed partial dentures can last for a decade or more, provided proper care is taken.


  • Invasive Procedure: The placement of fixed dentures involves modifying adjacent teeth, which may require more invasive interventions. 
  • Maintenance: Although they are low maintenance, cleaning beneath the bridge can be difficult, requiring specialized tools.

Removable partial dentures:

They’re made up of replacement teeth connected to the gum colored base, supported by a metal framework. The base is typically made from acrylic, and the replacement teeth can be acrylic or porcelain. They can be taken out for cleaning and at night.


  • Cost Effectiveness: Compared to fixed alternatives, removable partial dentures are generally more budget-friendly. 
  • Adjustability: Allow for easy adjustment if additional teeth need replacement in the future. 
  • Non-invasive: The placement process is less invasive, preserving the structure of adjacent natural teeth.


  • Stability: Removable dentures may not provide the same stability as fixed options, although advances in technology have improved stability. 
  • Adaptation Period: Some individuals may require an adaptation period to get used to wearing and removing the denture. 
  • Maintenance: Periodic cleaning and care is indispensable to avoid plaque accumulation and odor. 
  • Not all types of partial dentures are removable: acrylic, flexible, and interim partial dentures are removable, while cast metal ones are fixed partial dentures permanently attached to your teeth. 
  • Acrylic Partial Dentures: Most affordable options, are made out of lightweight acrylic resin. Although durable, they’re not as strong as metal and require adjustments often.
  • Cast Metal Partial Dentures: The gold standard for strength and durability. They are ideal for people with severe tooth loss or teeth grinding, made from a metal frame consisting of acrylic or porcelain teeth.
  • Flexible Partial Dentures: These offer a comfortable, lightweight alternative, particularly for sensitive gums. They are ideal for patients with gum disease or receding teeth because of their flexible base, which adapts to your gum movements. 
  • Interim partial dentures: these temporary prosthetics are worn while you wait for a permanent denture to be fitted. They help to maintain your bite, preventing neighboring teeth from shifting and offering cosmetic improvement.

Pros and Cons of Removable Partial Dentures.

Pros and Cons of Removable Partial Dentures

Like any dental treatment, partial dentures come with their own set of pros and cons:


  • Restorative benefits: regaining full chewing and speaking ability, without compromising aesthetics. 
  • Cost-effective: Partial dentures offer a more budget-friendly solution than fixed bridges or implants. 
  • Removable for cleaning: Maintain proper oral hygiene by easily removing and cleaning the dentures. 


  • Discomfort and adjustment period: There may be initial discomfort when the mouth adapts to a denture. 
  • Maintenance challenges: Proper cleaning and maintenance are required to avoid problems such as plaque build-up and odour. 
  • Temporary impact on speech and eating: Some people may have difficulty speaking or eating initially until they become accustomed to a denture.

What is the Best Partial Denture?

There’s no one-size-fits-all answer to this question. Several factors influence the choice of the best partial denture: 

  • Individual oral health needs: The number and location of missing teeth, remaining tooth condition, and jawbone health are crucial considerations. 
  • Aesthetic preferences: To find a solution that matches your natural smile, talk to your dentist about your desired appearance. 
  • Long-term oral health goals: Choose a denture that promotes long-term health and adapts to potential future dental needs. 


Partial dentures are a robust tool for reclaiming your smile and oral health. They offer a personalized solution for individuals seeking improved oral functionality irrespective of older age requirements, they protect remaining teeth, prevent your natural teeth from shifting, and maintain proper jaw alignment, restore confidence in your smile, and overall well-being. An uncomplicated way to navigate the ideal partial denture solution tailored to your needs is by weighing the pros and cons of removable partial dentures and consulting Dr. Quadri, your trusted Palm Bay dentist. Benefit from personalized assessment, and expert guidance, and regain the radiant smile you deserve. 

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