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Dr Quadri is so compassionate and has so much patience. He takes time to explain procedures and make the patient feel comfortable.He wants only a good outcome for his patients. His staff is wonderful. They are welcoming and helpful during visits. My experience was great!
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I wish i could give 100 stars!!! Dr. Quadri is absolutely 💯 the best. He took his precious time with me and made sure I was comfortable. He is a perfectionist and I love that about him. He also got me in for 2 root canals at the last minute, and i was from out of town. Can't get better than that!!! Recommend him, and his staff, totally and wholeheartedly! Thank you soooo much for everything!!!🥰❤
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Dr. Quadri is an amazing dentist and I love the staff they're all so great and sweet! I've had great experiences everytime. I appreciate how caring and gentle he is during procedures. Everytime I go there I am always well taken care of. I'm happy to have found the right place.
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I've been a patient with Dr. Quadri for many years. I wish I had found him sooner. He's very good at extractions and I think I would've had a better experience with my wisdom teeth removal here. I've switched my whole family to this office and many of my friends.
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I went in for an emergency tooth extraction today and they were able to get me in fairly quickly. I couldn’t get to anybody for two days and I was in excruciating pain. Until I found this dentist. I’m terrified of needles and everybody who worked on me made sure to make me feel secure and safe. The dentist literally has a magic touch because I did not feel a needle at all. The extraction hurt mildly and it was so fast. They were decently priced. I think I will be coming to this dentist regularly. Thank you guys!

Toothache and Ear Pain in the Same Side: Know the Causes & Treatment

Experiencing toothache and ear pain in the same side of your face can be distressing. When these two types of pain occur together, it could signify an underlying issue that requires medical attention.

Therefore, this article discusses the causes, symptoms, and treatment of toothache and ear pain on the same side.

Toothache and Ear Pain in the Same Side: Understanding the Relation

You may be curious to know how toothache and ear pain are related to each other. Our jaw joint and ear are closely linked, and poor oral health can cause pain in nearby body parts.

This type of pain is called “Referred Pain,” which means the pain is felt in one area, but the actual source of pain is in a different adjacent area.

Dental problems like TMJ, tooth pain, or ear infection often cause referred pain. For instance, lower jaw toothache and ear pain on the same side may result from tightening your jaw (TMJ) muscles.

What Causes Ear and Jaw Pain at the Same Time?

The following are the causes responsible for ear and jaw pain on one side, often causing tooth pain as well:

Temporomandibular Disorders

Temporomandibular joints (TMJ) connect your jawbones to your skull, and disorders associated with this structure are known as Temporomandibular disorders (TMD).

TMD affects approximately 15% of adults, with the highest occurrence between the ages of 20 to 40 years.

These joints and associated muscles provide mobility to your jaw, which is necessary for daily functions like eating and speaking. However, when the TMJ muscles become tight or overworked, they can lead to pain and discomfort in surrounding areas.

If you are experiencing pain in your teeth, jaw, ears, or other areas of your face, you may suffer from temporomandibular disorder (TMD).

Oral Infections

A tooth abscess can cause discomfort that spreads to the jaw or ear. Along with this, there is often gum inflammation or sensitivity in and around the affected teeth.

It is common for tooth pain to disappear temporarily and then reappear as discomfort in the jaw or ear. This is a sign that the infection is spreading.

Ear Infections

An ear infection can cause severe pain in, around, and behind the ear, often spreading to the teeth, jaw, or sinuses.

Viruses and bacteria typically cause ear infections. However, the infection can also result from water or fluid buildup in the ear.

Along with the pain, people suffering from ear infections may experience additional symptoms such as fever, congestion, and lethargy.

Tooth Grinding

Teeth grinding during sleep can create muscle tension and stress in your face, neck, and jaw. This stress can result in jaw pain, ear pain, and pain on the front or side of the face.

Jaw Injuries

Jaw pain that spreads to the ear may result from an injury, such as a broken jaw or strained muscles. Seeking medical attention is necessary if a person experiences ear and jaw pain following a head injury, fall, or car accident.

Tooth Extraction

Causes of Toothache & Ear Pain on the Same Side

Dental Issues

Dental issues commonly cause tooth and ear pain on the same side. The tooth pain can be attributed to a teeth infection, cavity, or abscess, as the dental nerves are close to the ear nerves, which can cause radiating pain.

Sinus Infections

Sinus infections can also cause simultaneous pain in the teeth and ears. Inflammation and swelling of the sinuses can pressure teeth and ears, leading to discomfort.  Other sinus infection symptoms may include nasal congestion, facial tenderness, and headaches.

Symptoms of Toothache and Ear Pain

Here are symptoms of tooth pain and later ear pain given below:

Toothache Symptoms

  • Pain in and/or around the tooth
  • Bad breath
  • Inflammation of your gums
  • Sensitivity when eating/drinking hot or cold things
  • Fever (which is a sign of infection)
  • Earache
  • Swollen glands

Earache Symptoms

  • Ear pain
  • Trouble hearing
  • Difficulty sleeping
  • Jaw pain
  • Loss of balance
  • Drainage from ear
  • Headache
  • Fever
  • Sinus issues

Know the Difference Between Toothache & Earache

Tooth pain and earache are different types of pain, and they can be differentiated based on symptoms and causes.

Differences Based on Causes

  • Tooth pain is commonly due to issues with the teeth or gums, like cavities, gum disease, or a cracked tooth.
  • On the other hand, earache is usually caused by an infection in the middle or inner ear, a blocked ear canal, or fluid buildup.

Differences Based on Symptoms

  • Tooth pain typically feels like a sharp, throbbing pain in one or more teeth or gums. The pain can be persistent or come and go and may cause sensitivity to pressure and hot or cold temperatures.
  • An earache is usually a mild and prolonged discomfort in the ear or near the jaw and neck, often accompanied by fever, hearing impairment, or a sense of blockage in the ear.

Treat Your Toothache & Ear Pain

Most of the time, antibiotics are necessary to treat infections, but additional medical interventions may be required in some instances of severe conditions like mastoiditis. Here are some of the medical treatments to deal with the simultaneous pain:

  • Orthodontic treatment can be beneficial in straightening both your teeth and jaw alignment.
  • A TMJ surgery can reduce your TMJ pain.
  • You can get a custom-fitted device to prevent tooth grinding.
  • Physical therapy can treat jaw injuries or manage arthritis better
  • Fillings, root canals, or crowns can be a suitable treatment option for cavities

Can a Root Canal Eliminate Simultaneous Ear and Tooth Pain?

When a tooth decays or suffers significant damage, it can become painful and demand attention. This pain can be so intense that it may seem like there is an ear infection when in fact, the root cause is tooth pain.

The tooth pain and earache can be interrelated and may be caused by a cavity, crooked tooth, or trauma to the area.

The root canal procedure can permanently alleviate this simultaneous pain.

This procedure involves removing the damaged part of the tooth, cleaning the area, filling it, and then sealing the space left behind.

A root canal can effectively eliminate the pain and discomfort caused by the damaged tooth.

How You Can Relieve Pain At Home

If you are experiencing ear and tooth pain due to swelling, taking an over-the-counter anti-inflammatory medication like ibuprofen or Motrin can provide temporary relief.

Applying a warm or cold compress to the affected side of your face for 20 minutes at a time can also help alleviate the pain.

If you have a history of clenching or grinding your teeth, a bite splint or night guard can help relax the muscles around your TMJ and prevent future discomfort.

In addition, meditation, mindfulness exercises, massage therapy, and physical therapy can effectively manage TMJ-related facial pain.

Conclusion: Overcoming Your Toothache and Ear Pain

If you are experiencing pain in your teeth or jaw and ear on the same side, you are likely suffering from TMJ disorder or a sinus infection. Due to the proximity of your TMJ, teeth, ears, and sinuses, it is common to experience referred pain.

If you are experiencing intense pain that does not go away with routine home care, it is essential to consult your dentist or physician for a proper diagnosis and a specific treatment plan.

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