Tina GoddardTina Goddard
08:46 20 Sep 22
Dr Quadri is so compassionate and has so much patience. He takes time to explain procedures and make the patient feel comfortable.He wants only a good outcome for his patients. His staff is wonderful. They are welcoming and helpful during visits. My experience was great!
Ruth WaymireRuth Waymire
17:46 12 Sep 22
I wish i could give 100 stars!!! Dr. Quadri is absolutely 💯 the best. He took his precious time with me and made sure I was comfortable. He is a perfectionist and I love that about him. He also got me in for 2 root canals at the last minute, and i was from out of town. Can't get better than that!!! Recommend him, and his staff, totally and wholeheartedly! Thank you soooo much for everything!!!🥰❤
Bridget CastroBridget Castro
23:00 19 Aug 22
Dr. Quadri is an amazing dentist and I love the staff they're all so great and sweet! I've had great experiences everytime. I appreciate how caring and gentle he is during procedures. Everytime I go there I am always well taken care of. I'm happy to have found the right place.
Allison ClementAllison Clement
20:16 17 Aug 22
I've been a patient with Dr. Quadri for many years. I wish I had found him sooner. He's very good at extractions and I think I would've had a better experience with my wisdom teeth removal here. I've switched my whole family to this office and many of my friends.
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Both the hygienist were amazing! Very gentle and warm with you. Doctor. Quadri is very informative and straight forward with his treatment, work is amazing. Doctor. Quadri is now my main Dentist!
Lil BritLil Brit
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I went in for an emergency tooth extraction today and they were able to get me in fairly quickly. I couldn’t get to anybody for two days and I was in excruciating pain. Until I found this dentist. I’m terrified of needles and everybody who worked on me made sure to make me feel secure and safe. The dentist literally has a magic touch because I did not feel a needle at all. The extraction hurt mildly and it was so fast. They were decently priced. I think I will be coming to this dentist regularly. Thank you guys!

Pros and Cons of Clear Choice Dental Implants

Dental implants have become a top choice for those with missing or damaged teeth. They look and work like natural teeth, giving you renewed confidence in your smile and ensuring optimum oral health. It offers significant advantages, but there can be potential drawbacks as well. 

This article aims to assist you in making an informed choice by providing a comparison of the pros and cons of Clear Choice dental implants.

What are Clear Choice Dental Implants?

Clear choice dental implants are a revolutionary way to replace missing teeth. They use customized artificial teeth securely attached to the jawbone, providing a natural-looking and secure replacement.

Titanium implants are placed in the jawbone during the procedure. Over time, these implants become a regular part of the jawbone and form a secure base for the new teeth.

Clear choice dental implants are widely accepted and preferred to replace one or more missing teeth. It effectively treats tooth loss due to various issues such as decay, injury, or other dental problems.

A skilled professional usually executes the dental treatment, which could require one or more visits, depending on the patient’s needs. A single-visit procedure is also feasible in some cases.

Dental Implant Procedure: How it Works?

A dental implant procedure typically involves several steps:

  • A consultation with a dental expert is the first step of the implant journey to asses if it’s the suitable solution for your needs.
  • When the dentist decides to get dental implants, a tailor-made treatment plan is created. This plan takes into account the patient’s specific requirements and oral health.
  • When placing the implant, a dental surgeon will carry out the procedure. The implant then needs to heal and fuse with the bone, which usually takes several months.
  • Abutment placement is an essential step to completing your dental restoration goal. It serves as a link between the implant and healthy teeth. Following the successful integration of the implant with the bone, a dentist will place an abutment.
  • After appropriate preparation, a crown or bridge is appropriately affixed to the abutment to create a permanent, natural-appearing replacement for the tooth or teeth.

Anesthesia or sedation will be administered during the procedure to ensure the patient’s comfort. Aftercare instructions will also be provided, which are necessary to promote proper healing and minimize any potential risks.

Dental Implants

Pros of clear choice dental implants

Improved Appearance

Clear choice dental implants offer a range of aesthetic benefits, including improved smile and facial appearance. They are designed to look very similar to natural teeth, plus they can help you regain your confidence and enrich your life by restoring a beautiful smile.

Increased Comfort

Clear choice dental implants offer improved comfort relative to dentures and other prosthetic options. It can be advantageous for those that struggle with traditional dental prosthetics.

Implants placed in the jawbone offer a robust and secure foundation for the new teeth, which can protect against irritations or discomforts.

Improved Speech

Dental Implants from clear choice are excellent for people with missing teeth or ill-fitting dentures because these implants are securely fixed in the jawbone so that they can make a big difference in speech clarity and pronunciation.

Improved Chewing Ability

Clear choice dental implants can drastically improve chewing capabilities and overall health and well-being.

Dental implants are implanted in the jawbone and act as an effective anchor for replacement teeth, which leads to better chewing and digestion. It ensures a solid and stable foundation that promotes improved oral health.

Long-Lasting Results

clear choice dental implants offer a long-term solution for dental problems. The implants can last many years, sometimes even a lifetime, if adequate care and maintenance are taken.

Cons of Clear Choice Dental Implants


Clear choice dental implants may have a higher price tag than other dental prosthetics, like dentures or bridges. However, the long-term benefits are worth considering.

The expense of dental implants can vary based on a range of things, for example, the number of implants necessary, the location, and how challenging the process is.

Time Commitment

clear choice dental implants can be a lengthy process – requiring multiple appointments that can take a few months to heal. However, the time and effort spent on this procedure are well worth it in the end!

On top of that, people may require some time off from work or other responsibilities for a successful recovery.

Surgical Procedure

While clear choice dental implants are generally safe, there is still an associated risk of infection, bleeding, or other surgical complications. However, these risks are rare and should be discussed with your doctor before the procedure.

Not Suitable for Everyone

Dental Implants from clear choice may not be suitable for everyone, particularly those with pre-existing medical conditions that could negatively affect the procedure’s success.

Furthermore, those who smoke or are slack in oral maintenance may need extra care before dental implants.

Maintenance Requirements

To guarantee that clear choice dental implants keep functioning optimally, they must be looked after with regular maintenance.

It includes regular dental check-ups, brushing and flossing, and potentially additional treatments such as professional cleanings or adjustments.

Are Clear Choice Dental Implants Expensive?


Clear choice dental implants may be more costly than dentures or bridges.

The cost of the implants could depend on the number of implants required, where they need to be placed, and how complex the procedure is.

The clear choice dental implant centers website indicates that replacing a single tooth with an implant can cost between $4,000 to $6,000, and full-arch replacement can require investments ranging from $15,000 to $60,000.

Furthermore, some insurance policies only reimburse some of the costs associated with dental implants, thus making them unaffordable for certain patients.

It’s important to note that while dental implants may be more expensive initially, they can provide long-term benefits and may be more cost-effective over time compared to other dental prosthetics that may need to be replaced more frequently.

Are Dental Implants Worth it?

Whether dental implants are worth it depends on the individual’s needs. However, in many cases, dental implants can be a worthwhile investment.

  • First and foremost, dental implants can provide a natural-looking and functional replacement for missing teeth. Unlike dentures or bridges, which can be uncomfortable or unstable, dental implants are anchored in the jawbone, which provides a secure and stable foundation for teeth replacement. 
  • It can help improve oral health, restore chewing ability, and prevent further dental issues.
  • Additionally, dental implants can significantly impact a person’s self-confidence and quality of life. By restoring a natural-looking smile, dental implants can help individuals feel more comfortable and confident in social situations, leading to improved emotional well-being.
  • Dental implants may have a higher upfront cost, but they can be more cost-effective in the long run because they are designed to last a lifetime with proper care and maintenance.
  • It can reduce long-term dental expenses and provide a more predictable outcome. Unlike dentures or bridges, which require replacement every few years, you do not need to replace dental implants.
  • However, it’s important to note that dental implants may not be the right choice for everyone. Individuals with certain medical conditions or who smoke are not good candidates for dental implants. 
  • Additionally, dental implants require a surgical procedure and may involve some risks, including the potential for infection or complications.
  • Whether dental implants are worth, it depends on the individual’s specific situation and needs. You must consult a dental professional to determine the best oral health and overall well-being treatment plan.   


Clear choice dental implants can offer a solution that looks and feels just like your natural teeth, providing multiple advantages for those searching for a permanent fix to their dental issues.

This treatment allows you to enjoy the same level of comfort and functionality. It offers many advantages, from improved oral health to elevated self-esteem. This investment can be highly beneficial and worth the cost for certain people.

When considering clear choice dental implants as a potential solution, weighing their advantages and disadvantages, including the cost and any required surgery, is crucial.

It will help you to make the perfect decision. By weighing the pros and cons and consulting with a dental professional, you can decide on the best treatment plan for your dental health and overall well-being.


1.  What are the best dental implants to get?

Several major brands, such as Nobel Biocare, Straumann, and BioHorizons, have earned a reputation for providing excellent implants. Nevertheless, your dentist can help you choose the most suitable implant that meets your requirements.

2. Are patients put to sleep during the fitting of clear choice dental implants?

Clear choice dental implants offer varying levels of sedation to patients depending on their needs and comfort level. Anything from mild sedation to general anaesthesia can be used to help them relax during the implant procedure.

3. Can dental implants be fitted in one day?

It is possible to have dental implant procedures finished in one day, usually called “same-day implants” or “teeth-in-a-day.” This type of treatment involves the placement of dental implants and a temporary tooth or bridge in a single visit. Therefore, patients can leave the clinic with their smiles fully restored and functioning.

4. Does the installation or fitting of dental implants hurt a lot?

Dental implants can cause slight discomfort in the short term, but majority of patients report mild pain. Your dentist can offer local anesthesia or sedation to alleviate potential discomfort during treatment. You can take over-the-counter medications like ibuprofen to reduce post-procedure pain or discomfort. Also, stick to instructions provided by your dentist to avoid further complications.

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