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Can Wisdom Teeth Cause Headaches and Eye Pain? | Pain-Free Dentists

Wisdom teeth are the last set of teeth that grow over young adulthood. Since the teeth do not develop until you reach 17 to 24 years, the wisdom teeth are often painful and can cause discomfort to the other teeth due to a lack of sufficient space to grow properly. 

Dentists say wisdom teeth can cause headaches and eye pain, but how? Sometimes they cause severe pain and ache, so removing them remains the best option. In this article, we find out whether tooth pain problems can cause pressure in the eye or headaches. 

How do wisdom teeth cause headaches? 

Your wisdom teeth grow improperly, which are considered as Impacted. Impaction with wisdom teeth is common, mainly because there may not be sufficient space in the mouth for them to grow. 

Such impaction may result into:

  • Emerge at an angle 
  • Get stuck in the jaw 
  • Push against the other molars 

The growth of wisdom teeth in a mouth that does not have enough space for them can lead other teeth to shift, which may result in an improper bite. An improper bite will make your lower jaw compensate, and this can cause headaches and soreness. 

Dental conditions like temporomandibular joint dysfunction, also commonly referred to as TMJ disorder – TMJ is the connection point where the skull and the TMJ bone meet. The movement of these two bones may sometimes be abnormal because of dental problems like teeth grinding. In such cases, patients may experience headaches or eye pain. 

What is the connection between teeth and eyes? 

Our oral health has a variety of effects on the eyes. For instance, the infections and the inflammation associated with periodontal disease can damage your jaw and gums and affect the optical nerve of your eyes. 

The same infections that cause eye pain can also affect your vision. Bacterial infections are likely to spread more easily from your mouth to other body parts- including your eyes – through your blood vessels. 

If the tissues of the eye socket get affected, it results in a condition called Orbital Cellulitis. If you do not treat it as soon as possible, orbital cellulitis causes a lot of pain in the eye area and can even lead to vision problems or blindness. 

Does extraction of wisdom teeth cause eye pain?

It is a popular myth that the extraction of wisdom teeth causes eye pain. However, it is not true; removing wisdom teeth does not affect the eyes. Dental procedures affecting the ophthalmic nerve are a rare complication. 

A problem with the bite or jaw alignment can tense the muscles of your face. Such muscle tension can cause headaches and include pain and pressure behind your eyes. 

Wisdom Teeth

Other issues associated with wisdom teeth 

Impacted wisdom teeth can cause a few other problems that may eventually result in pain and headaches. Such problems include; 

  • Tooth decay 

Your partially impacted wisdom teeth are at a higher risk of getting decay.

  • Gum disease 

Partially erupted wisdom teeth are tough to clean. A mouth with improper hygiene becomes home to germs, and it can cause gum diseases like pericoronitis.  

  • Cysts 

Our wisdom grows in our jawbone in a sac. However, in some cases, the sac fills with fluid; then becomes a cyst, which can cause damage to the jawbone, nerves and teeth. 

How can you take care of your wisdom teeth? 

Apart from visiting your dentist regularly, you can follow the below-mentioned tips: 

  • Brush your teeth at least twice and a maximum of thrice a day

Take your time and clean all the areas that are difficult to reach, especially the back surfaces of your wisdom teeth. 

  • Floss your teeth once a day 

You can use floss or interproximal to clean your teeth. 

  • Use an antibacterial mouthwash. 

It helps reduce the risk of dry mouth. Ensure that it does not contain any alcohol content. 

Bottom line 

Dental conditions like TMJ disorder can cause headaches or eye pain. Wisdom teeth may exert pressure on muscles or nerves that can lead to migraine headaches. Nerve damage caused by growing wisdom teeth may also result in migraine symptoms. 

Various treatment options are available to get rid of wisdom teeth or the pain caused by them. Removal of wisdom teeth can permanently resolve the pain or other symptoms. 

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